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Whether you produce consumer, commercial, industrial, or institutional products for business markets or are looking for suppliers to those sectors, search B2B – business to business – in the Buy Maryland Directory to take advantage of savings as close to home as Maryland...just a visit, a phone call, or an ecommerce order away.

Buy Maryland Directory B2B searches are building relationships between producers and merchants of Maryland goods, helping you to identify products produced by Maryland manufacturers, artists, crafts persons, and agribusinesses as well as companies that sell Maryland goods – here in the state, the country, and abroad. Appreciate the strength and diversity of Maryland’s B2B products.

Buyers Seeking Maryland Goods 

  • Tailor your B2B Buy Maryland Directory search for companies that produce or sell Maryland goods for business or consumer markets using the "Shop by" search feature at the top of most pages in the directory.  
  • Enter B2B and key words in the Search bar on any page of the directory for a list of manufacturing design and production companies, private label and co-packing manufacturers, publishers, more.
  • Become an Account Holder to save your searches, receive Buy Maryland information, and participate in prize drawings, freebies, and special offerings.

Producers and Merchants of Maryland Goods

  • Browse our listings for Maryland companies seeking suppliers.
  • Connect with wholesalers and retailers interested in Maryland made goods!
We are growing our B2B listings. Makers and merchants” – list or seek out Maryland products on
  • If you are a Maryland manufacturer, artist, crafts person, or agricultural enterprise doing business with other businesses or a merchant selling Maryland goods, Join Us.  
  • Your Maryland With Pride membership includes a listing in the Buy Maryland Directory for viewer B2B searches as well as low and no cost business development opportunities.   
For more information on the benefits of Buy Maryland Directory B2B, contact us today!