Why Buy Maryland

Great Products.  Great Proximity.  Great Prices.


Great Products

When you “Buy Maryland,” you buy USA-quality standards and diversity for consumer products, commercial products, industrial products, and more for the home and the workplace.

We invite directory users to suggest Maryland products and companies to help us expand directory listings. We also like to let Maryland producers know when directory users ask for particular Maryland products or Maryland brands.

Search current directory content now; BuyMarylandDirectory.com is live for Keyword searches.  Also enjoy streamlining your searches by Consumer Products, Business Products, or NAICS Categories as well as Advanced Searches including by zip code proximity.

Don't see a product of interest in the directory? Contact us, and we’ll do our best to find out if it’s made in Maryland.

Great Proximity

Buy Maryland goods online and in local and national communities, as well as internationally, through Maryland's growing export industry.

Live in Maryland, on the other side of the country, or across the sea? Stationed away from home or visiting here?

In Maryland, it’s so easy to get the goods! Businesses, organizations, and institutions, shop directly from the manufacturer or through wholesale distributors.  Consumers, shop official Main Street Maryland Districts; more than 40 malls, including manufacturers’ outlet stores; specialty sections of area supermarkets and department stores; and more for everything from gifts to groceries.

Buy Maryland goods on superhighways and winding roads. When you don’t want to leave home, state, or country to Buy Maryland, shop and procure over the World Wide Web.

Great Prices

Buy Maryland, buy value: quality products at competitive wholesale and retail prices.

A stable economy and stellar transportation systems support robust wholesale and retail trade.

Maryland companies were among the first in the nation to embrace lean efficiency standards to streamline production processes and costs, supporting savings options for customers.

Public-private partnerships foster operating strategies to help Maryland businesses order in cost-saving quantities, automate operations, and lock in long-term prices for raw materials, for the kind of cost impact that can be realized at the register.

Shared overhead in arts and entertainment districts, business incubators, and industrial parks, as well as “buy local” initiatives on Maryland Main Streets and in Maryland farming communities, are designed to help keep prices competitive.