Chase Home, Inc.

22 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Maryland County: Anne Arundel
Maryland Region: Central

The Chase Lloyd House is an eighteenth-century mansion located in Annapolis, Maryland. Built in the Anglo-Palladian style by Samuel Chase, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Edward Lloyd IV, a wealthy Maryland planter, the house has been continuously occupied since 1774. Since 1888 and at the bequest of Hester Chase Ridout, a descendent of Samuel Chase, the house has functioned as a home for women, known as Chase Home. Mrs. Ridout designated the mansion as a place where women could escape the “vicissitudes” of life. Private ownership and ongoing maintenance, with only limited restoration, have preserved the eighteenth-century fabric and appearance of the Chase Lloyd House for 240 years. Presently, eight women reside in the home, enjoying the comforts of a beautiful setting and the support of fellow residents, staff, the Chase Home Board of Trustees, and the Annapolis and surrounding communities. Product: Hyacinth Bean Vine Plant Seeds $5.00 The Hyacinth Bean Vine plant displays a delicate purple flower cast against a dark green leaf. This twining vine's flowers are well liked by bees. The seed pods turn a dark purple and resemble lima bean pods. They can be collected easily for next year’s planting, and they self-seed in the right conditions. The plants travel well to other parts of your landscape. If you are looking for color in late summer through fall. this is a hardy plant that can grace any fence or lamppost, growing as tall as the structure they are given to climb. They adorn the fence of the Chase Home on Maryland Avenue. Hyacinth bean vine plants are great projects for kids. Their seeds are bean size and germinate easily. They take minimal care, provide lots of color, and attract pollinators. A twelve seed packet from the Chase Home chemical-free garden is $5.00

Maryland Product Categories: Gardening, Farming, Landscaping
Maryland Products Offered: Hyacinth Bean Vine Plant Seeds
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