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Maryland County: Prince George's
Maryland Region: Central

Orange ThermoControl™ products help businesses comply with guidelines and standards published by the CDC, EEOC, and ADA for temperature readings and user privacy requirements. To meet these standards, Orange ThermoControl™ products leverage AI and robotic imaging technology, pushed data into an encrypted cloud-based environment or local network capable, and with central process units powered by Intel® Core™ i3-7100 and Intel® Core™ i7-7700. Orange ThermoControl™ products enable an expedited check-in process, support smart card scanning of CAC, legacy, and other government issued cards, and enable employers to maintain the privacy of visitors and employees with preferred administrator configurations. Orange ThermoControl™ products support the privacy and security of user data based the on corporate compliance with regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act, European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and HIPPA. Orange ThermoControl™ products collect temperature values with an optional face recognition feature. The user’s temperature and other enabled data is immediately encrypted then transmitted to our USA-based cloud environment or maintained on the Orange ThermoControl™ Plus local server at the employer’s site and maintained by employer’s assigned data administrator. Access to data is determined by employers or building owners. Orange ThermoControl™ products provide voice and written commands in English or Spanish and satisfies ADA standards with an adjustable tower stand and an audio interface for visually impaired users. For more specifications and benefits of Orange ThermoControl™ Standard and Orange ThermoControl™ Plus, visit

Maryland Product Categories: Appliance, Electronics, Software|Health, Medical, Pharmaceutical
Maryland Products Offered: Orange ThermoControl Standard, Orange ThermoControl Plus
Business Classification:
NAICs Code: Computer & Electronics (334)|Electrical Equipment, Appliances, Components (335)

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