1348 Cape St. Clair Rd
Annapolis, Maryland 21409


Maryland County: Anne Arundel
Maryland Region: Central

Primitivo provides unique, handmade jewelry in both bold and subtle designs. Each peace is made with the utmost patience to ensure both stunning appearance, and comfortable wear. I strive to purchase all of my materials locally, and I use as many recycled products as I can find to be environmentally friendly. My jewelry pieces usually include something old and new, as one of my favorite techniques is to take apart vintage jewelry and re-assemble it into a more modern look.

Maryland Product Categories: Clothes, Footwear, Jewelry|Music, Art, Crafts
Maryland Products Offered: Handmade jewelry and Jewelry supplies
Business Classification:
NAICs Code: Apparel, Textiles, Leather (313, 314, 315)

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