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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  How can my company be listed in the Buy Maryland Directory?
Become a member of Maryland With Pride for a Directory Listing Only Package or an All Inclusive Package, including business development opportunities.  Visit the Join Us page for criteria and to complete our short application. 
2.  How can I find out if a product in the Buy Maryland Directory is sold at a location close to me?
Use the geo map under the producer’s company profile in your Search results to locate a specific distributor for the product.  You can also search for the product by name under Keywords. Use the search results for information listing product distribution information, e-commerce options, or contact information for the producer, providing your own zip code as a point of reference.
3.  Can you help me find out if a product that is not in the directory is made in Maryland?
Send us specific information on the product, and we will try to help you locate a Maryland producer of the good.
4.  How can my organization participate in the Buy Maryland Directory or other Maryland With Pride initiatives as a partnering organization, sponsor, or advertiser?
Send us your inquiry; we are happy to contact you about participation with us.