How to Search Buy Maryland

It's as easy as one, two, three to search our growing list of  Maryland manufacturers, artists, crafts persons, agribusinesses, and merchants of Maryland goods!


Search Options


Enter a key word or acronym (like a type of product, company name, B2B to find companies that sell to other buinesses, eatery to find places that serve Maryland food and beverages) in the SEARCH bar tool, then press GO.

Two:  Click on the Browse Manufactured Products, Arts & Crafts, or Farm Products images on the Home Page.

Three: Use the Shop by dropdown box on any page to search for products for consumers or for business organizations. 

Refining Your Search

Narrow your search results by leaving often used words out of the SEARCH tool bar when possible.  This includes words such as, a, and, the, web, Maryland, Street, Regional.  (Hint: If you are receiving search results unrelated to the focus of your search, check to see if you need to eliminate these types of oft used words.)

Fine-tune search results using Advanced Search criteria in the left-hand column of each directory listing page.  See how below.

More . . .

  • SEARCH tool bar keyword searches cut to the chase, allowing you to customize your search by company, town, products, industry codes, zip codes, and more.
  • Shop by dropdown box searches on the SEARCH tool bar offer consumer and business product categories to help guide your search.
  • Advanced Search features on directory listing pages allow you to fine tune your SEARCH tool bar or Shop by search, broadening or narrowing your results in business, consumer, or all categories.
  • Advanced Search also further refines your search results by suggesting categories you may not have thought of or perhaps hoped were there, such as Zip Code Proximity, Regional Locations, NAICs Categories, and more!