1. An Account Holder is one who successfully completes Step I of the Buy Maryland Directory application under Apply Now.  Individuals shall have only one account and may forfeit their Account Holder status if registered for more than one account.
  2. Account Holders must be 18 years of age and older; the prizes offered herein will not knowlingly be awarded to individual under the age of 18.  If special prizes require the recipients to be 21 years of age or older to win, alternate prizes will be offered to the winners.  Special award functions for participants under the age of 18 may be announced.
  3. Prize winners may refuse awards but may not transfer their awards to another party nor be eligible for an alterate award unles stated in writing by The Project Resource Group by the time the winner is notified of the win.  In the event a prize is refused, another winner may be selected by The Project Resource Group.
  4. The Project Resource Group administers Maryland With Pride, including the Buy Maryland Directory, and their prizes and drawings.
  5. The Project Resource Group has and shall exercise the authority to update these terms and conditions for the prize drawings and awards referenced herein, including to discontinue or add prize drawings, prizes, and/or awards and to post the changed terms herein or in other places indicated with the award offering.
  6. The following are not eligible to win prizes or to receive awards noted herein but are eligible to receive applicable guides, notices, and opt ins if they register to become Account Holders:  principals, owners, employees, contractors, and advisors of The Project Resource Group and its operated entities; and Maryland With Pride and Buy Maryland Directory members, sponsors, partnering organizations, advertisers, and immediate family members who have any of the relationships above to the respective entitites supplying the prize awards.
  7. Routine Prize drawings and awards selections occur between the first and the fifteenth of each applicable month on any date determined by The Project Resurce Group, announced or unannounced.  Special prize drawings will have drawing dates announced in writing.
  8. The pools for drawings and awards shall consist of all eligible candidates in the applicabe pools up to the point of the drawing or award.
  9. If there are no candidates in the pool for a drawing or award, no drawing or award shall occur.
  10. Participants remain in the pool for as long as the Account Holder's account is up to date for contacting the winning Account Holder. 
  11. The Project Resource Group or its designee has and shall exercise at will the authority to remove Account Holders whose contact information is outdated from the Acount Holder data base, thus from selected prize drawings or awards candidate pools.  
  12. In the event the Account Holder cannot be reached using the information in the account holder database or, where applicable, on the business card submitted or other contact information discovered for applicable drawings, that winner will forfit his or her prize and another candidate's name will be drawn or selected.
  13. Prizes and awards are made to individual Account Holders named and not to organizations that may be named in association with the Account Holders.  The Project Resource Group has no jurisdiction over rules that third-party organizations, such as but not limited to employers, may have in regard to prizes or awards made to their employees, members, clients, and so forth.
  14. No monetary consideration is asked or required for participation in the prize drawings and awards noted herein. 
  15. Should a special promotion ask or require monetary consideration and offer a gift for participants, terms will be specified in association with the announcement of the special promotion and the gift shall not be considered a prize or an award.  
  16. In some cases, Account Holders may be offered or may receive freebees, which are usually product samples, gifts, coupons, or such items and which are not considered prizes or awards.  
To become eligible right away for prizes and awards named herein,complete Step I when you: