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Maryland With Pride promotes awareness of the strength and diversity of goods produced in Maryland by manufacturers, makers, artists, crafts persons, and agribusinesses to help consumers, businesses, and other organizations "buy Maryland."

                                                 Our "Low Cost" Commitment | Not a member? "Join Us!"  Your All-Inclusive Maryland With Pride Membership Package could start right away for just $10 a month, or select our $80 annual payment plan for a $40 saving. PLUS, find out how TPRG's Maryland With Pride Founding Members, others who joined by the end of 2021, and Maryland Main Street program producers and sellers of Maryland-made goods can renew or join free for a limited membership package, which includes a host of bennies!

 If you (1) make your product in Maryland or sell a Maryland-made product and (2) are in good standing with SDAT, "Join Us!"
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Our low-cost commitment for years to come allows Maryland goods producers and sellers of all sizes and industry sectors to participate in Maryland With Pride!

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